How POW came into being!

In the beginning


Pottery on Wheels (POW) officially launched in October 2015. It was well received by neighbours and visitors on the West Bristol Arts Trail with a fair few getting their hands dirty, quiet literally.

Since then POW has been commissioned to make mugs, vases, oven dishes, tea light lanterns and jugs. We’ve also run workshops at the Front Room Arts trail in Totterdown and the mobile studio has been used at Tockington Manor Christmas Fayre and the Bristol Christmas Harbourside Market. 12370704_770935423035169_3292291982909414529_o

The Garden Studio has also had creative visitors who have been exploring clay through hand building and on the wheel.

Elaine, Emma K, Emman NIt’s been a busy but enormously exciting and rewarding few months and I’m grateful for all the support my friends, family and neighbours have generously given.

January, for me, is about taking stock (maybe that should be making stock!) and getting some of the essentials in order… like setting up a website, writing a blog, getting a bigger kiln installed, booking onto 2016 markets and fayres and setting up partnerships with local businesses and artists.

Life before POW

This is my first business… it’s a steep learning curve!

Before POW I was a secondary school art teacher, which was great, but I had been in the profession for just shy of 10 years and was beginning to get a bit jaded with the politics associated with mainstream education. Fortunately my partner was super supportive and gave me the opportunity to become a full time artist.

My new found freedom and a generous birthday gift resulted in an obsession with throwing pottery. I had taught pottery for many years but had never had the time to indulge myself in the art of throwing on the wheel… I was bewitched. I acquired a second hand pottery wheel and before I knew it I had a pottery studio of my own.

So that’s how it began… In my next post I’ll write about the beginnings of the mobile studio.

…oh and if your wondering about the fish image, behind him is my first thrown pot which is prominently, but also discreetly, displayed in the centre of my living room in the fish tank!