Prints- Baby

Too Cute!

Capture the preciousness of your child’s tiny hands and feet in clay. A piece of pottery that you will treasure forever!

I can’t recommend Pottery On Wheels enough! I had a couple of personalised things made for my son, and Sarah went out of her way to ensure everything was to my liking. Not only are the products beautiful but Sarah was an absolute pleasure and went above and beyond the call of duty for me! Thank you -Sally

Refined and Precise Impressions

POW takes delight in creating baby impressions  which are refined and precise. We impress your child’s hands and feet into moist clay as this avoids the smudginess that can sometimes occur when printing is done onto pre-made bisque fired clay.

Handmade Personal and Unique Ceramics

As we do not use pre-made forms you can commission a hand thrown and unique piece of pottery on which your child’s impressions can be made. For example you may wish to have a practical plate or low rimmed bowl thrown to a desired size. Or impressions can be made onto slab rolled clay which can be latter cut into shapes, like hearts (for decorative hangings), pictures frames, tiles and coasters or a slab vase.

Personalise with Text

Once the impressions are made you can then decide if you would like to add text around the impression, for example the child’s name and date of birth. We have several methods for doing this such as using letter stamps, free hand engraving or once the clay has been bisque fired a special glaze pencil can be used to write onto the surface or base of the piece.


POW has a selection of colours that can be used to fill the impression. The surrounding clay can be left matt or a clear glaze can be applied. You can decide this on the day when samples will be available for you to see and touch.

  • Large thrown bowl £40

Location location location…

Where you do the impressions is up to you (sometimes it’s a lot easier with a small child for us to come to you)! As POW is mobile we can:

Come to your home or a venue of your choice, such as a village hall, pub, holiday cottage, NCT meeting…

Come to a location of your choice and set up around the Landrover. POW has a wrap around awning which keeps the sun and rain off allowing us to set up the tables and benches under shelter


All materials and equipment is provided and POW will make sure that all the creative mess is contained and tidied up afterwards (we have floor and table coverings).

After the impressions are made they will be carefully transported, left to dry, bisque fired, glazed and finally fired for a second time before they are ready for collection or delivery. This process can take between 2 and 4 weeks. Once you have your unique and personal pottery in your hands you will see that it’s worth waiting for!


Prices vary depending on what you would like. Please see below for details:


Slab rolled clay impressions with a glaze finish

£12 per small item (one foot or hand)

£15 per small customised item (as above with a shape of your choice)

£20 per large item (both feet or hands or one of each)

£30 per large customised item (as above with a shape of your choice)


Thrown plates or low rimmed bowls with a glaze finish

£30 small item (one foot or hand)

£40 large item (both feet or hands or one of each)

£50 large thrown plate with hand painted design


Impressions can be made of your pets paws too. This is dependent on the nature of your pet and if they will be willing to have their paws held and pressed into clay. Hyperactive and aggressive pets are usually not willing subjects! Please get in touch to discuss if your pet would be suitable.


Questions and Bookings

If you have any questions, special requests or if you would like to make a booking please get in touch.